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This comprehensive course will cover all aspects of digital marketing, from the basics of setting up a website and domain name to advanced tactics such as email marketing, Facebook and Google ads, and personal branding, etc.

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This course has been made from my experience of practising digital marketing for the last 12+ years

The contents of this course are prepared from my experience of building 2 successful blogs; which I eventually sold for a hefty price and which even today attracts tons of visitors per month.

I later went on to work as the Digital Marketing manager in companies like Practo, Instamojo, Razorpay, etc.

All this experience eventually led me to start my own company PixelTrack (services and consultancy) and LearnToday (online courses and SAAS).


High paying clients including fortune 500 companies for my Agency, PixelTrack Digital

One lesson a day so that you can implement what you learn

The course has been structured in this way because there is a lot of information available outside. For someone like you who is looking to learn a new skill, adding structure to the information becomes really important. This course will help you take that path.

Blogging is still the best way to learn Digital Marketing. Once you nurture this skill by practically executing the things I teach here, you can go fetch a job, become a freelancer or start a company of your own.

Here's a sneak peak of the course lessons

  • Day 1 - What is Digital Marketing?

  • Day 2 - The Five Big Opportunities in Digital Marketing

  • Day 3 - The Modules in Digital Marketing

  • Day 4 - Setting Career Goals and Personal Branding

  • Day 5 - Niche Selection Process for Sandhya

  • Day 6 - Setting Up Sandhya's Online Presence (Ghost, Dorik, WordPress, Hosting, Domains)

  • Day 7 - Setting Up Professional Email for Sandhya

  • Day 8 - Cloudflare DNS and Wix Websites

  • Day 9 - Premium Domain Names and DNS

The lesson titles should give an idea about the content of this course

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